we do more than motivate, we equip to deliver significant RESULTS!

“Are you questioning the returns you’re getting on the money you’re spending? Are your people [team] only willing [motivated] to work as a result of their pay [salary?] How certain are you that your people are equipped [trained] to do what you pay them [salary] so much to do?”

MADphilips Training

Training is what takes your people from willingness [motivation] to preparedness [execution]. Organizations that win, not only pay their people well, but they spend twice as much to equip [train] their people. Knowing ‘what to do’ [knowledge] and knowing ‘how to do’ [skills] are the key to an organization’s exceptional performance and they are both derivatives [outcomes] of an organization’s continuous investment on training. Winning organizations spend more on training than on remuneration because they have discovered that money spent on training is an investment with a long term benefit, unlike money spent on salary which is only an operating expense.  As international Marketing Guru Jay L. Abraham rightly observed “Every amount you spend on training will produce 20-200 times return annually in yield”.  Do you train your people? If so, how often?

Why training is so critical to your business success

People whether in business or in life make all the difference. In business they are an organization’s greatest asset; in life, they are the only real resource. Many organizations believe performance is based on ‘how much’ they pay their people [salary]. Only a handful of them know that performance is dependent on ‘how well’ you equip your people [training].  Salary inspires your people to work but never prepares them for the work. Salary will never guarantee your people’s ability to perform. The role of salary is to create the willingness [motivation] to perform, it can never create the ability [knowledge and skills] needed to perform. Salary only makes people willing to do their work; it doesn’t make them able to do their work; that’s the role of training. Motivation [salary] without preparation [training] is failure!

Invest today in training [preparing] your people for the challenges of tomorrow!

At M.A.Dphilips®, we’ve developed high performance training programs that will take your people from just being motivated to being prepared. Success they say is when opportunity meets preparation, not motivation. We know what it takes to deliver high performance, let’s help you prepare (train) your people for greater performance. We do more than motivate, we equip to deliver significant RESULTS!

Our training programs include;

  • LIFE QUOTIENT™ the principles and skills of personal leadership
  • BUSINESS QUOTIENT™ the principles and practice of entrepreneurship and organizational leadership
  • PEOPLE QUOTIENT™ the principles and skills of team building and interpersonal relationship
  • KING CUSTOMER!™the principles and practices of exceptional  customer service delivery
  • SALES QUOTIENT™the principles and skills of effective salesmanship
  • TIME QUOTIENT™ the principles and skills of efficient time management
  • M.A.D company™ – the principles and practices of significant businesses; companies who are different (unique) and making a difference (useful); i.e. they make their profits by focusing consistently on delivering values that makes a difference positively in the lives of their stakeholders; customers, employees, partners, shareholders, environment, communities, etc.