We don’t work with just anyone; we reserve the right to choose our own clients.

We are an unusual (extraordinary) company because we specialize in doing only unusual (extraordinary) things that will deliver SIGNIFICANT (unique and useful) results. We are very careful when it comes to choosing the clients we work with as not everyone can attempt the unusual (extraordinary).

At MADphilips, we only work with clients who are interested in challenging the status quo in their business or lives. We don’t accept clients who are just seeking the usual approaches to solving their problems. We believe following the norm will not make you stand out that’s why we want to stretch you to think outside the box.

We want clients that will step outside their current comfort zone and tap into their creative energy with us in order to create extraordinary solutions that will make them an ICON wherever they are doing whatever they like.


Here’s what we do in brief;

At MADphilips,  we deliver proven principles and best practices that bring about SIGNIFICANT results. We delight in bringing your unusual ideas or projects to life because we exist to help you become an ICON wherever you are, doing whatever you like. Below are our 7 unusual strategies for making this happen.

1) We help ordinary people build SIGNIFICANT [extraordinary] companies that are profitably changing the world. It’s called business consulting.

2) We create unusual websites + online marketing campaigns that helps to take your brand global and bring you clients from where you least expected -worldwide! It’s called e-marketing.

3) We help give your business an irrestible corporate image. It’s called branding.

4) We help make lives meaningful, extra-ordinary and fulfilling. It’s called Life Coaching.

5) We help entrepreneurs create compelling stories about their brand, company, product or service that naturally convert their prospects into paying customers. Its called content development.

6) We verbally communicate paradigm shifting ideas that empowers ordinary people, businesses & lives to be SIGNIFICANT {extraordinarily unique and extraordinarily making a difference}. It’s called public speaking.

7) We custom design life changing empowering events that equips people, businesses and lives with proven principles and successful practices for being SIGNIFICANT. It’s called training/seminars/workshop/conferences.

Here’s what we do in full;



we do more than motivate, we equip to deliver significant RESULTS!

“Are you questioning the returns you’re getting on the money you’re spending? Are your people [team] only willing [motivated] to work as a result of their pay [salary?] How certain are you that your people are equipped [trained] to do what you pay them [salary] so much to do?”

MADphilips Training

Training is what takes your people from willingness [motivation] to preparedness [execution]. Organizations that win, not only pay their people well, but they spend twice as much to equip [train] their people. Knowing ‘what to do’ [knowledge] and knowing ‘how to do’ [skills] are the key to an organization’s exceptional performance and they are both derivatives [outcomes] of an organization’s continuous investment on training. Winning organizations spend more on training than on remuneration because they have discovered that money spent on training is an investment with a long term benefit, unlike money spent on salary which is only an operating expense.  As international Marketing Guru Jay L. Abraham rightly observed “Every amount you spend on training will produce 20-200 times return annually in yield”.  Do you train your people? If so, how often?

Why is training so critical to your business success?

People whether in business or in life make all the difference. In business they are an organization’s greatest asset; in life, they are the only real resource. Many organizations believe performance is based on ‘how much’ they pay their people [salary]. Only a handful of them know that performance is dependent on ‘how well’ you equip your people [training].  Salary inspires your people to work but never prepares them for the work. Salary will never guarantee your people’s ability to perform. The role of salary is to create the willingness [motivation] to perform, it can never create the ability [knowledge and skills] needed to perform. Salary only makes people willing to do their work; it doesn’t make them able to do their work; that’s the role of training. Motivation [salary] without preparation [training] is failure!

Invest today in training [preparing] your people for the challenges of tomorrow!

At MADphilips, we’ve developed high performance training programs that will take your people from just being motivated to being prepared. Success they say is when opportunity meets preparation, not motivation. We know what it takes to deliver high performance, let’s help you prepare (train) your people for greater performance. We do more than motivate, we equip to deliver significant RESULTS!

Our training programs include;

  • LIFE QUOTIENT™ the principles and skills of personal leadership
  • BUSINESS QUOTIENT™ the principles and practice of entrepreneurship and organizational leadership
  • PEOPLE QUOTIENT™ the principles and skills of team building and interpersonal relationship
  • KING CUSTOMER!™the principles and practices of exceptional  customer service delivery
  • SALES QUOTIENT™the principles and skills of effective salesmanship
  • TIME QUOTIENT™ the principles and skills of efficient time management
  • M.A.D company™ – the principles and practices of significant businesses; companies who are different (unique) and making a difference (useful); i.e. they make their profits by focusing consistently on delivering values that makes a difference positively in the lives of their stakeholders; customers, employees, partners, shareholders, environment, communities, etc.


  • Business /Management Consulting: we assist organizations in numerous management, organizational, and business development areas including marketing management, talent management, IT strategy development, change management, quality improvement, systems/process development and leadership development.
  • e-Marketing/Social Media Consulting: are you looking to market your business online but don’t know where to go or how to get started? Do you want to get involved and exploit the social media wave sweeping across the internet these days and maximize the marketing opportunities sites like Facebook, You tube, Twitter, etc offer? Our e-Marketing and social media consulting package is the right choice for you. We will evaluate the different blogging and social media platforms for you, go over the advantages and disadvantages of each and help you choose the right one for your company or organization. Additionally we’ll help you develop an overall blogging and social media strategy, keep you from making common and costly mistakes that could derail your blogging and social media efforts.


  • Our facilitation can make your teams more successful and your meetings more efficient. Whether you are creating a vision, conducting a focus group, conducting strategic planning, or solving problems, we can help facilitate the process.
  • Our Speaking engagements are very practical and straight to the point. We not only communicate to the audience on a mental level (brain) but also on an emotional level (heart). Our ability to balance these two key areas guarantees that the attendees’ leaves with use-able information that once applied can yield significant results. Call on us to speak about any topic related to the development of People, Business & Life!


We create paradigm shifting contents that help to communicate your SIGNIFICANCE [uniqueness and usefulness] to your target market. Whether it’s content you need for your blog, website, marketing materials, public presentations, magazines, etc. We can deliver!

  • We develop products such as needs assessments, questionnaires, surveys, evaluations, employee handbooks, and mentoring handbooks.
  • We also provide professional copy writing for your company profile, product/service brochures, business plans, proposals etc.
  • We custom design training programs to support your various business needs, write training manuals and books, and design surveys for various people, business and life development needs.


Coaching is a one-to-one interactive relationship that helps you identify and reach you personal and professional goals faster than you would on your own.

  • What do you want to get better at?
  • Who is going to judge your progress?

We know that the journey towards entrepreneurial greatness is not one an individual can achieve all by him/herself. Thus, we provide that needed third-party/outsider perspective through an executive coaching/mentoring relationship that can help refine your decisions and actions that will eventually make you a better entrepreneur fully empowered to building significant businesses. When you work with us, we will ask you the right questions, the tough questions, the questions that will help you make the best decisions for not only your business, but also your entrepreneurial life. We also coach individuals at the management and executive level and conduct team building interventions.

Talk to us if you need help in any of the following areas;

• Self Discovery

• Starting a new business

• Beating the competition

• Increasing sales/market share

• Getting quality constructive feedback

• Taking your business to the next level

• Checking the viability of a business idea

• Creation and execution of a marketing plan

• Branding – choosing a business/product/service name

• Developing solid procedures for making business decisions

• Development and deployment of an online marketing strategy

• etc.

Feel free to come to us about anything, so long as it matters to you and revolves around people, business and life, we’ll give you a listening ear!


Comments or questions are welcome.

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