In fulfilling our passion, we’ve been able to come up with different initiatives and projects that contribute significantly to the development of people, businesses and lives – our three focus areas.

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Differentiate Online is a complete internet marketing solution that works for smart businesses. It was created to help smart businesses [big and small] leverage on the ever increasing reach of the internet to market their products/services profitably. It is a combination of services, products, and education.



is an online community where Nigerians all over the world come together (unite) as ONE to make a difference!

UniteNigeria has been created to be the global HUB of all true Nigerians worldwide who no longer want to sit or stand on the sideline and watch as government, organizations (public and private), individuals and other nations of the world violate our human rights.

We welcome you to the making of a New Nigeria. A Nigeria we can proudly call our own because we were all collectively involved in creating it!

Sign up now and get involved in the creation of OUR Nigeria!

UniteNigeria …together we STAND for CHANGE!

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Is a source for inspiration, connection, learning and sharing. It was created to cure the major cause of most business failures – low business IQ. The #1 reason why most businesses fail is because many entrepreneurs are amateurs or average [survival-driven] rather than being unusual [purpose-driven]. Therefore, they do not possess the necessary knowledge and skills required for building a SIGNIFICANT business enterprise that can stand the test of time.

Our goal is to develop your business IQ by consistently delivering unusual business development tips, ideas principles and best practices that will make you become an unusual entrepreneur capable of building SIGNIFICANT BUSINESSES — companies that are different [unusually unique] and are making a difference [unusually useful] because they are purpose-driven!