Our Core Ideology

As a company, we pride ourselves in an unchanging set of beliefs, values, principles and practices [our core ideologies] without which we would never have been able to come this far. They are the secret ingredients of our exceptional performance.

Our Core Ideologies are what drives every intentions [thoughts] decisions [choices] and actions [behaviours] as a company. They represent the standard against which our corporate performance and image is judged. They refer to the what, how and why we go about our business the way we do. In essence, as a company, we are nothing without our core ideologies.

They are as follows;

[Why we are in this business]

“To help People, Businesses and Lives become SIGNIFICANT.”


By SIGNIFICANT, we mean a continuous state of being different [unusually unique] and making a difference [unusually useful].

By SIGNIFICANT, we also mean a continuous habit of going against the norm or status quo by doing the unusual [extraordinary] in order to achieve the unusual [extraordinary].

By SIGNIFICANT, we also mean a firm commitment to live a life beyond the survival mode. The survival mode is a life driven by an ‘output mindset’ [focusing on what to get – accumulation] instead of an ‘input mindset’ [focusing on what to give – contribution]. Rather, we advocate living a life driven by purpose.

By SIGNIFICANT, we mean becoming an enviable entity [ICON] wherever you are, doing whatever you like.

Implication For Clients

The implication of our purpose to our clients is very simple; you know what standards to measure our performance. Meaning, you know what to expect from us and can out rightly hold us accountable for any under-performance on our part.

Our purpose sets the rules of engagement for us and becomes the yardstick for evaluating our client satisfaction or not.

As a Business client, we exist to make you become the king of your niche.

As an individual client, we exist to make you become the king in your chosen field of endeavour.

[What we hope to get out of this business]

“To be the global leader and authority on SIGNIFICANCE.


The end goal of everything we do as a development company is making sure not one soul, business or country performs below the level of SIGNIFICANCE. We believe our message of SIGNIFICANCE is more important than we the company who only serve as a medium for spreading the message. In essence, we believe the message is greater than the messenger and should be given higher priority.

Implication For Clients

Clients in dealing with us can begin to see themselves as co-messengers with us on the quest to spread the message of SIGNIFICANCE all over the world to every corner of the earth. They can begin to see the magnitude of responsibility that lies on them to be worthy ambassadors of the message that is being passed through the both of us – we and the clients. This clearly increases the level of accountability and commitment to going above and beyond on the part of both parties, eventually increasing overall performance and results.

[How we are wired to work together]

L – eadership: Character, Responsibility, Integrity, Learning and Discipline

Ingenuity: Creating unique and useful solutions consistently

T – eamwork: None of us is as important as all of us

R – esourcefulness: Knowing a lot about a few

E – xcellence: If it has to be done at all, then it must be done way above the norm

Implication For Clients

Clients when dealing with us can be rest assured of a certain level of consistency in our behaviours when it comes to delivering on our word irrespective of individual differences in personality or dispositions of our team. Our associates are wired to work together based on the above principles and will put aside any behaviour, habits, thoughts or a tendency that is not in alignment with what is outlined above. We are a team not because we work under the same roof, but because we share these core values together. These core values are what we bring to bear in helping you become SIGNIFICANT.