this is the foundation of all and most important of all resource here on earth. Without existence there can be no significance. At MADphilips, our goal is to help every living soul make the most out of this rare gift called LIFE. We want to contribute to the development of life by helping people answer the three most asked questions about life;

  • What is life?              –                             The Meaning [definition] of life
  • Why is life?                –                             The Purpose [use] of life
  • How is life?                –                             The Essence [importance] of life

We believe, to make the most out of life, it is crucial for every human to fully comprehend these three dimensions of life.  A complete understanding of these three dimensions of life make up an individual’s Life Quotient (LQ). This is a measure of a person’s life skills, that part of our mental intelligence which is needed to successfully navigate our way through life in spite of its vicissitudes. We hope to help humanity restore the RIGHT perspective to life.