People are the only REAL RESOURCE here on earth! Without life, there will be no earth; without people, there will be no society. Therefore in MADphilips, we believe “people are everything, nothing works until they act!” Our contribution in relation to people focuses on the development of the most powerful asset on earth – the human mind. To guarantee the continuity of civilization on earth, the human mind must be fully maximized. At MADphilips, we help develop the right set of skills, philosophies and habits in the following key areas that will empower people to unlock the untapped potentials of the human mind;

  • Self discovery –             purpose, vision and values
  • Relationships –             communication and networking
  • Creativity –             learning, thinking and problem solving
  • Career –             professional growth and development
  • Time                                     – allocation, management and leveraging
  • Wealth –             creation, multiplication and management

All these make up our ‘People Quotient’ (PQ). This is a measure of our social intelligence as humans, that part of our mental intelligence which we need to successfully function as individual members of a larger society. These include; how we generally relate and interact with other people. Our goal in MADphilips is to teach people how to consciously attract the right kind of people they desire into their lives and how to unify the potentials of these people by consciously initiating, building and sustaining a formidable network, circle or team of like-minded people.