this is the pillar of society’s continuity. The people who make up every society are plagued with countless needs and wants which must be met.[/learn_more] The only institution charged with the responsibility of meeting the needs and wants of the people in a given society is business.

Business is all about people. You cannot do business without the involvement of people. Business revolves around people; two major forces that make up the business world are people; your customers and your workers. People are critical to business operations and success.

However, people need to be organized before they can be maximized. For people to be organized, their activities have to be systemized. In business, Systems are the only way of organizing the efforts and activities of people. Without people, there will be no such thing as business; without systems there will be no such thing as an organization. Systems are what enables people operate a business. Without systems, people in a business are only a mob – a group of unorganized people with no definite goal or vision!

Since business is all about people, and people depend on systems to be organized, At MADphilips, we help businesses design, build and implement the right kind of systems that will efficiently organize the efforts and activities of their people such that the business can run or operate to its full potential.

Our core competence in this area include;

  • Corporate strategy development
  • Business process development/re-engineering
  • IT strategy development [web design, social media, networking, systems integration]
  • Marketing strategy development
  • HR strategy development
  • Brand development strategy
  • Organizational culture development
  • Employee training/knowledge development